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Before Ajumbe Mends The Fence Of Owerri And Okigwe Zone…



Vitalis Ajumbe
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Before Ajumbe Mends The Fence Of Owerri And Okigwe Zone…

By: Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, April 08, 2024.

From the tones of newspaper headlines attributed to Chief Orikeze Vitalis Ajumbe in recent days, it seems like the Ikeduru born political contractor is out to sell out the Owerri Zone agenda again, for a few pittance.

I read a newspaper headline attributed to the Beaton Studio CEO where he was quoted as saying that only those glamoring for zoning are people who are not fit or competent enough to contest for election.

My first reaction before I searched for the entire story to read, which led me to an article with the title ‘Mending Fences And Faces The Panacea For Imo Chatter Of Equity’ published some weeks ago, precisely on the 18th day of March, was to scream — Is he out to sell us off again?

Arguing that zoning breeds mediocrity is only a clandestine ploy by the Ikeduru born political contractor to pass off some alibis to set the stage for his usual game of grand betrayal of the Owerri Zone agenda as ennounciated by the #PeoplesGovernor Hope Uzodimma for power rotation to Owerri Zone come 2027.

Arguing that charter of equity or zoning breeds incompetence or mediocrity is to say the least, uncharitable.

Our constitution, because of our peculiar diversity and discrepancies in numerical strengths, have to even design equitable distribution of our offices via the federal character provision where all components of the federation will be given a sense of belonging and this ought to be replicated in states like Imo where there are numerical imbalances.

Because I was involved:

In the political build up of the 2023 governorship election in the state. I served as the head of the state governorship campaign council on New Media and I spearheaded our party’s governorship campaigns on the New/Social Media

We traversed the nooks and crannies of the state selling the campaign manifesto of our then governorship candidate to our people and one of those manifestos was the political arrangement endorsed by the Imo State Council of elders which voted that power should rotate to Owerri Zone after the completion of the 2nd term of the #PeoplesGovernor Hope Uzodimma in 2027.

The elders of the state came to this conclusion because since the return of democracy in 1999, Owerri Zone has never become the governor of the state before.

The #PeoplesGovernor as a respecter of the elders of our state conceded to this, infact, the Governor at different fora vowed to not only implement the charter of equity as propounded by the elders of the State but will appropriate it to implement it with all the instrumentalities of the state government and power at his disposal.

We took this message to our people; both in the diaspora and at home including those at the grassroots and they bought into it, wholeheartedly.

Election came, because of the resounding performances of our then candidate in the last 3 years+ in addition to the preposition of the smooth state backed transfer of power to Owerri Zone, our people voted overwhelmingly for our party and our candidate. Something that has never happened in the state before happened and we won in all the local government areas of the state.

That was the highest vote of confidence on our performing governor and his policies including the promulgation and adoption of charter of equity which he had pledged to implement with state resources and instruments of power.

Ever since this political arrangements have been sealed, you will see enemies within who believe every election year to sell out the Owerri Zone agenda raising their ugly heads trying to cause issues where there should be none.

One of such people are the likes of Chief Ajumbe who is spreading everywhere— bad bloods, creating instigations against the proposed charter of equity all in a cunning bid to launch dereliction campaigns against the interest of Owerri Zone.

Another of his cohort is Chief Willie Amadi — this one unreasonably tries to provoke Orlu against Owerri Zone interests all in their selfish desires to sell out Owerri Zone agenda sealed by the decisions of Imo council of elders by creating fake OPOCA and all the other shenanigans (this will be a topic for another day).

We shall continue to write to expose their shenanigans so that posterity will not pass a terrible judgement of complicity on us.

Chief Ajumbe hypocritically posed in his releases as someone trying to mend fences while in actuality, he is only working for his stomach to distract Owerri Zone agenda so he can continue his political Judas Iscariotism with his intending political clients from Okigwe zone.

If truly that Chief Ajumbe means well or selfless but not selfish in his latest political marauding, why is his mending fences not proposing realistic pathways to the Owerri Zone agenda which is thru the unalloyed supports to the incumbent Governor who has already had a political understanding to transfer power to us?

You are mischievously proposing a working initiative between Owerri and Okigwe zone while you totally forgot that beyond political razzmatazz, Orlu Zone is superior, politically.

Facts are sacred as opinions are free!

The maxim that Orlu Wu Eze is not just a statement of convenience but a statement of fact! Nwaogwugwu is a realist and not one of those who deceive themselves with euphemism in their ultimate state of utopian fantasies. They have the numbers and we don’t!

We must do away with prematuris idealism and face the political realities as a people and that reality is that Owerri or Okigwe zone cannot become governor without the substantial inputs from Orlu Zone.

We must face the reality.

Good a thing you acknowledged the mathematical lopsidedness in your article with the numbers and those are the facts that matters.

How then are you going to be proposing mending fences between Owerri and Okigwe zone while totally ignoring Orlu Zone’s contribution?

Are you not setting up the Owerri Zone agenda for ultimate political massacre?

I see anyone proposing of doing away with Orlu Zone either as naive, ignorant or out to do a yoo man’s job against the Owerri Zone agenda.

While I do not think that Chief Ajumbe is naive nor ignorant, I must strongly suspect that he is out as usual to do the yoo Man’s job against the Owerri Zone agenda.

On theory and on paper, you can become governor without Orlu Zone but in practice, you are only engaging in deep slumbering and such a dreamer must wake up and stop slumbering before it’s too late.

No reasonable Owerri Zone man or woman who genuinely want power rotation to come to our zone in 2027 and not encouraging mending fences with Orlu Zone.

How can you mend fences between Owerri and Okigwe zone while you are in the court fighting Orlu Zone and tomorrow, you want to become the governor either from Owerri or Okigwe zone, is such a person not a joker?

Genuine fence mending is through consolidation of our strong base which lies in the already existing arrangements held by our elders and in respect of that, those genuinely interested must stop fighting Orlu in the court if they so desire their support tomorrow.

So, before Chief Ajumbe start fence mending between Owerri and Okigwe Zone, he must first start mending fences from Orlu Zone.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is an Owerri Zone Stakeholder, he wrote from Aboh Mbaise.


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