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Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho And His Kpuum-kpuum-kpa-o-gele Harmony Groups…



Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho
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By: Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, April 20, 2024.

While growing up in my ancestral land at Aboh Mbaise, there was a very popular moonlight musical genre that we danced to as children and we call it kpuum-kpuum-kpa-ogele and it goes like this: onye na achu ogele ogele ogele nta, kpuum kpuum kpa ogele, ogele e ogele nta — it would swing from Nwaogwugwu to Taa or Bee ee (may his soul continue to rest in peace) and to the next person as it keeps swinging as we sing.

That aptly describes what I may call the games of swings by this very respected elderstatesman in the person of the former Minister of the federal republic, Chief Emmanuel Iheanacho, a retired Merchant Navy Captain who was appointed Nigerian Minister of Interior on 6 April 2010, when Acting President Goodluck Jonathan announced his new cabinet.

In his games of swing, our respected Ndaa Iheanacho is going about whatever he is doing as though he is dealing with people with zero sense of history to appreciate one’s peculiar antecedents to our political trajectories as a people.

From his ancestral lands of Owerri North, Ndaa Captain Iheanacho is singing obtrusive songs of equity and charter and like the man who wants to write his own stories using his pen bought from the ancestral market of Eke Ukwu Owere, Ndaa Iheanacho is playing the roles of both the striker, that of wingers, defenders and equally the goal keeper in a tournament where he is the sole arbitrator while feigning loving kindedness to the collective goals of Owerri Zone people.

Largely to his infamous credits of betrayal and unwholesome attributes to conspiring against the Owerri Zone agenda, like they say; leopards hardly change their spot and I daresay an agadi Nwanyi can never get old to dance the tunes prevalent at her youthful days.

In the first quarter of 2024 in the year of our lord Jesus Christ, Ndaa Captain Iheanacho is selling himself as an altruistic lover of the Owerri Zone cause while masquerading as an Apostle of charter of equity.

In 2023 during the election year when well meaning sons and daughters of Owerri went to the nooks and crannies of our zone selling the concept of the new Imo charter of equity to our people, we did not see anywhere where Ndaa Captain make a case for it.

Ndaa Captain remained largely at large as we never read in any of the newspapers or new media taking all the available spaces on their front pages as he is currently doing with his Kpuum Kpuum Kpa Ogele Harmony Group canvassing for Imo charter of equity; those who never supported us in the open to canvass our position do not have any moral rights to come out now wanting to benefit from what they never supported.

Ndaa Captain’s later day love and advocacy for Owerri Zone is suspicious as he has never in true spirits and reality shown any in practice.

Ndaa Captain is one of the single greatest players in the present political dispension (since the return of democracy in 1999) who have set Owerri Zone 20yrs backward in the political equity, yet we have not heard of any apologies from him.

Instead of polluting the tranquilized state of Owerri Zone with Kpuum-kpuum-kpa-o-gele Harmony songs, Ndaa Iheanacho should have used same energy in seeking for forgiveness from the good people of Owerri Zone he betrayed their political interests in 2011.

If people like Captain Iheanacho had not sold off Owerri Zone by working with an Orlu Zone candidate (Rochas Okorocha of APGA) in 2011 instead of allowing the Okigwe zone’s incumbent Governor Ikedi Ohakim to complete his second term, it would have been Owerri Zone if Gov. Ohakim had completed his second term….but Ndaa Captain played the game against us.

Ndaa Captain popped champagne the day Rochas Okorocha defeated Gov. Ikedi Ohakim after Ndaa Captain and fellow brothers of Emekuku heavily bankrolled Okorocha and helped him deliver Owerri North against a party that benevolently made him Minister, first he had never been before.

You did that to Owerri Zone, and without any remorse, you are out again singing Kpuum-Kpuum-Kpa-Ogele with perhaps, fellow sellout of Owerri Zone agenda.

And you want us to forget this painful aspect of our political history as a zone and now want us to start gallivanting with you?

From your kind of anti progressive politics, you have never meant well for Owerri Zone agenda as you have been a clog on the wheels of our political progression.

And true to your character and political antecedents, you have set forth again, but this time, aligning with some cursed characters like Willie Amadi out again to undo the Owerri Zone agenda.

You cannot say you mean well for the people yet you are with what makes the people sad.

The very notorious Willie Amadi whom you seem to have commissioned to be your town crier was the same person whom Owerri people declared persona non grata after he metted out wickedness upon them, even to his own people while in office and was indeed one of the sad commentaries of the administration of Gov. Ohakim till date which further provoked the masses against the then administration.

How can one claim to heal some bruises on a knee of his kinsman and he chooses to use salts in treating the wound, who does that?

Any campaign or political movement where notorious characters like Willie Amadi are championing is first of all headed to first class failure and when your Kpuum-Kpuum-Kpa-Ogele harmony group started on such footing should tell every right thinking person where they are headed to.

Infact, whatever group being orchestrated by such characters is dead on arrival because first, his odious notoriety is public knowledge which is still heavily resented by the masses, and he openly worked against the interest of the governor during the elections which is equally a public knowledge.

In this accident bound voyage of your Kpuum-Kpuum-Kpa-o-Ogele harmony group, why have we not heard you call for restraint from those fighting against the ruling party at the Tribunal?

We are therefore left to conclude that your Kpuum-Kpuum-Kpa-o-Ogele harmony group is only out to destroy whatever chances the Owerri Zone may have wielded before now in respect of the 2027 governorship in the state, like your highlighted antecedents points out, hence we are left to believe this Kpuum-Kpuum-Kpa-o-Ogele harmony group is anti Owerri Zone agenda.

Any group that is hitting up the polity, distracting the peace and concentration of the new administration to deliver dividends of democracy to the masses and not advising those in the tribunal fighting against the election our people donated freely to the #PeoplesGovernor even when the governor has given all assurances of handing over to us in Owerri Zone with all the state power and official apparatus…. Such a group is Anti Owerri Zone Agenda which must not be totally ignored but ostracised by the people.

We need peace and tranquility to actualize our agenda in 2027 and that must be done within the framework of the ruling party — it is only a fool who has been handed with salt to go and feed his kinsmen with and on his way going, he pays rain makers to draw rain for him!

Owerri Zone is at an advantaged position — for both declared and undeclared considerations: no true Owerri Zone man or woman want to start making troubles when the coast not never been this clear….

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is an Owerri Zone Stakeholder, he wrote from Aboh Mbaise.


Umuororonjo community celebrates as new interim youth executives are sworn in by the Sole Administrator of Owerri Municipal Council,Hon Chidiebere Emeribe.



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….-Umuororonjo community celebrates as new interim youth executives are sworn in by the Sole Administrator of Owerri Municipal Council,Hon Chidiebere Emeribe..

…Let your leadership quota and skills be one that communicates unity, togetherness, accessibility/inclusion and peace as you get to work as the youth leadership arm of Umuororonjo. These were the watch words of the Sole Administrator as he inaugurated the youth leadership arm of the community.

In his tremendous pursuit and regard to the achievement of peace, tranquility and stability across the municipality of Owerri,the Sole Administrator today received the new interim executives of the youth organisation wherein he observed and performed the inaugural ordinances.

He commended their partnership with the innovative and dynamic government of H. E. Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma and heartily assured them that the 3R government is ever ready to provide assistance and support to the youth leadership whenever called upon as the youth arm is the proactive and visible force of every generation..

He solicited them to observe legality in the discharge of duties to the people and always accord regards in ensuring that the welfare and security of the people is an utmost priority,having in mind that Owerri Municipal is the center and heart of the state and to such should at all times remain and be a monumental profile of positive emulative reference.

The newly elected chairman commended the Sole Administrator as a man of indefatigable character, outstanding and astute in his antecedents. He appreciated the honour of being called to serve by his people and pledged his unwavering support to the proactive 3R government of the governor and to the people whom he is called to serve. He vividly clarified that his leadership arm is one which is poised and positioned to ensuring that the unity,welfare and security of the people is topnotch and duly observed.

In conclusion the Sole Administrator under the auspices of his official portfolio together with the PG and notable elders and bodies of the community inaugurated the following as the leadership arm of Umuororonjo youth organisation:-

1:Austin Osita Agbugba

2:Paschal Ujah Jr.

3:Obinna Obodo

4:Dan Oluigbo

5:Ozobia Ozuzu

6:Gideon Onyegbula

7:Chinedu Mmanuaka

8:Barr. Henry Oparanozie

9:Chibuike Oparaugo

10: Ugochukwu Njoke

11:Kelechi Nnawuchi

12:Umunna Nwanzuruike

13: George Anyanwu


®️Comr. Metu

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EFCC forms a team to investigate El-Rufai and others over alleged N423 billion fraud.



Nasir El-Rufai
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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has assembled a group of investigators to examine the alleged mishandling of N423 billion by ex-Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai and certain prominent figures in his administration.

The former governor will be summoned by the investigators for questioning.

Others set to be questioned include individuals who held the position of Finance commissioners between May 29, 2015, and May 29, 2023; all the accountant generals during his eight-year tenure, and the chairpersons of the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) from 2018 to 2023.
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CHARLES: Are there governors who have distinguished themselves in the act of governance in this administration?

PETER OBI: (with incredible speed) Gov. Alex C. Otti of Abia State, of course!

CHARLES: Is it bcos he’s part of your party?

PO: No. I take my readings from the people. Go & verify!

Peter Obi on Arise Tv earlier today

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