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Pastor Jerry Eze (What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist) actually led a 3-day fasting and prayer session with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to seek divine intervention over the recent spate of deaths in Nollywood.



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Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this exercise. If you undermine this exercise or say something negative, you become antichrist, yet, this exercise may be a distraction from major issues the actors guild needed to pay attention to.

If this exercise was a combination of spiritual warfare/deliverance AND practical teaching/seminar on healthy living, then, it deserves commendation.

But where the Nollywood people have been made to see their problem as spiritual, then there is a big problem.

First, I still insist that Nollywood do not record more deaths or calamities than other industries. People believe they do because every single Nollywood practitioner that dies, or battles one ailment is known.

Practitioners in other industries don’t have such leisure nor such coverage.

The other day, I passed through the NBA House in Port Harcourt, I read virtually all the obituary posters on display. So many, and you will wonder….

Yet, Nigerians don’t know that these people are dead. Only their friends, church people, meeting people, colleagues, neighbors and families know. Never so with Nollywood people.

Go to teaching hospitals, you will see posters announcing the dead of doctors and nurses.
Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) may lose more members in a year, but their losses don’t make it to the media.

Take a roll call of the NUT, NURTW, NLC, PENGASSON, etc.

So, I insist that we talk about Nollywood because anything that happens there makes news.

Leaving this, let’s look at the losses that Nollywood has recorded in recent times….

While some came at the “appointed time”, some came as a result of recklessness or lack of proper care.

I hope that after the latest spiritual warfare and deliverance that Pastor Jerry Eze equally took time to teach them how to take care of their health by ensuring they live healthy.

I hope he equally taught them about the need for regular checkups.

I hope he taught them too about the need to save for the rainy days while they are still at their peak, and not resort to beseeching Nigerians for crowd funding when they have health issues that N2m or N3m can take care of.

I hope he also taught them of trust fund from which they as a group can draw to assist members in need.

I hope he equally taught them about funds management and investing in relatives and friends who will have them covered when they have need.

If they overlooked all these and focused solely on the spiritual, then, ihe na-ebe ka na ebekwa.

— Charles Kaye Okoye


Terry G Reveals Why ‘Mary Jane’ Collaboration With Wizkid Was Pulled Down



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In a recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast, Terry G shared insights into the controversy surrounding his track “Mary Jane” featuring Wizkid.

The Nigerian street pop pioneer explained why the song, initially released without formal clearance, had to be taken down.

Terry G reminisced about a time when music collaborations were based on mutual respect and admiration, without the bureaucratic processes required today.

Acknowledging the evolution of the music industry, Terry G admitted the necessity of professionalism and proper clearances in today’s landscape.

He revealed that Wizkid’s legal team sent an email to his management, requesting the removal of the song, prompting him to instruct his team to comply.

The unexpected release of “Mary Jane” in 2024, despite being recorded years ago, surprised fans and sparked questions about whether it had been officially approved by Wizkid.

Despite the legal issues, Terry G expressed his admiration for Wizkid, calling him the “Jay Z of his generation.”

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“No matter how your mother tries to take you away from me, I still remain your father” – Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, Lanre Gentry celebrates their son on his birthday.



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_Lanre Gentry’s Heartfelt Message to His Son_

– _Birthday Celebration_: Lanre Gentry, the ex-husband of Mercy Aigbe, took to social media to celebrate their son’s birthday.

– _Emotional Message_: In a heartfelt message, Lanre assured his son that regardless of any attempts to separate them, he will always remain his father.

– _Custody Battle_: The message appears to reference the ongoing custody battle between Lanre and Mercy Aigbe over their son.

– _Fatherly Love_: Lanre’s post highlights the love and devotion he has for his son, despite the challenges they may face.

– _Social Media Reaction_: The message has received mixed reactions, with some praising Lanre’s dedication to his son and others criticizing the public nature of the custody battle.


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Fake life! Ka3na called out for photoshopping her name onto an online photo of a private jet and falsely claiming ownership.



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_Controversy Surrounds Ka3na’s Private Jet Claim_

– _Photoshop Scandal_: BBNaija star Ka3na has been accused of photoshopping her name onto a stock image of a private jet, falsely claiming ownership.

– _Deception Exposed_: Social media users noticed inconsistencies in the image, leading to the discovery of the original photo online.

– _Backlash and Criticism_: Ka3na faced backlash for allegedly presenting a false image of wealth and luxury, with many criticizing her for “living a fake life.”

– _Reputation and Authenticity_: The incident raises questions about the importance of authenticity and honesty, especially for public figures.

– _Response and Damage Control_: Ka3na has yet to respond to the allegations, but the controversy has already sparked a wider conversation about the pressures of social media and the dangers of presenting a curated image.

Ka3na private jet

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