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Sam Udeh NURTW Boss
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Austin Jp

Yesterday 8th day of October 2023 will be a remarkable day for the people of Iho Dimeze ward in Ikeduru local government area of Imo State.


After a church service at Esocs the home church of the chairman of the national union of road transport workers Imo State Hon Comr Ukwenga Samuel Udeh JP (Eze Umuokorobia) fulfilled a pledge he made to the women of Iho dimeze  ward in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State.


Sam Udeh

At the general meeting of Iho Dimeze ward held and hosted by the State Chairman of NURTW, Chief Sam Udeh earlier last month of September pledged to empower and support indigent women in the ward with a little start up token that will assist them in their businesses.

While appreciating the ward for their commitment and support to All Progressives Congress in Iho Dimeze ward, and for their continues support towards Re-Election bid of His Excellency Sen Hope Uzodimma for the second term.


Cherubim and seraphim Iho-Ikeduru

Chief Ukwenga Samuel Udeh popularly called Eze Umuokorobia made a promise of empowering 22 women of Iho Dimeze ward, especially the indigent among them, to enable them start up and support their businesses.

Ambassador Samuel Udeh in his generosity and benevolent in nature, did not waste time in fulfilling this promise made to the women.

Addressing the women, NURTW BOSS appreciated the ward women teeming support to APC, especially at Iho Dimeze ward.

He charged them to continue galvanising more support to the party down to the polling units, for the total victory of the party on November 11th governorship election.

Ukwenga however challenged the women to come out enmass to vote for Sen Hope Uzodimma the APC governorship candidate, and called on them to make sure that no single vote goes out come November 11.

He handed over the envelopes containing N25,000 each to the 22 indigent women from Iho Dimeze ward.

Before the presentation properly, Chief Samuel Udeh extolled and showered praises to the loving and performing Governor of Imo State His Excellency Sen Hope Uzodimma, and stated that Iho Dimeze ward has benefited greatly from Governor Hope Uzodimma government through his people oriented projects in the State and human establishment with reference to Okigwe road which passed through Iho, especially the popular Ekemele spot that was a death trap before now and appointments of Iho sons and daughters in the shared prosperity government of Sen Hope Uzodimma (Onwa Onyoko).

He said; this empowerment programme is a way of easing hardship among the people at the rural areas and supporting their businesses.

Hon. Amb. Comr. Samuel Udeh (JP) encouraged the women to make good judicious use of the fund, through starting up a business no matter the little they can think of.

Comr Udeh in prayers, asked God Almighty to multiply and increase their businesses.

While reacting to the fulfillment of the promise made by the humble servant leader of the State Council chairman of the union, the women expressed gratitude to their son, brother and husband Chief Samuel Udeh and described him as a man his word is his bond.

They vowed to continue supporting their son Chief Samuel Udeh and APC in Iho Dimeze ward, assured him of their unwavering support toward re-election bid of His Excellency Sen Hope Uzodimma,insisted that APC government in the State has done enough to earn it’s hundred percent vote come 11th November governorship election.

They equally offered prayers to Hon Sam Udeh and for the victory of the People’s Governor Distinguished Sen Hope Uzodimma come 11th November governorship election in the State.

“It is obvious that Iho Dimeze ward with the collapsing of other political parties into the party in the ward, there is no any other political party existing in the ward except APC”

“We have benefited from the party and Governor Hope Uzodimma government, therefore it is our time to reciprocate our love and appreciation to His Excellency Distinguished Sen Hope Uzodimma the women concluded.

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Nigerians not the only ones facing poverty — President Tinubu



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President Bola Tinubu has stated that while poverty and suffering exist in the country, Nigerians are not the only ones facing these challenges.

The President said this in Lagos when he received a delegation from the National Assembly who came to felicitate with him on the occasion of Eid-el Kabir on Monday evening.

The delegation, led by the President of the Senate, Sen. Godswill Akpabio, included the Deputy Senate President, Sen. Jibrin Barau, and deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Kalu, among others.

“Yes, there is poverty; there is suffering in the land. We are not the only people facing such, but we must face our challenges. We must find a way to eliminate banditry and terrorism so that farmers can bring out food from the farmland.

If you do not have good roads to bring the food to the population, even if you grow the food and you are losing 60–70 per cent to damages, you will pay the price,” said Tinubu.

Tinubu also restated his commitment not to turn his back on the country despite the challenges. “Good economics at a harsh time is the challenge that we must face. As I said in my speech, no matter how difficult it is and how challenging it can be, I will not turn my back on Nigeria,” Tinubu said.

He challenged citizens to have a change of mindset about Nigeria if the nation is to overcome its current challenges. “The need (for some citizens) to change the rent-seeking mindset and become more productive to the economy is a challenge. There is a need to stop smuggling and all economic sabotage. Why should we have people removing rail tracks and all that, stealing electric cables, and sabotaging the economy?

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Clarifications on the Donation of Security Vehicles: IMSG Did Not Buy Brand New Security Vehicles



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– The State Only Rehabilitated Broken/Abandoned Security Vehicles.

My attention has been drawn to some mischievous and false information spread by the defeated opposition party members in the state, particularly the PDP, to discredit the government and the #PeoplesGovernor regarding the recent donations of refurbished police vehicles.

Their latest antics involve using one John Okoye, a freelance staff member of a PDP-sympathetic radio station in Owerri, BizzyBody Fm, to spread disinformation and propaganda.

They claim that the #PeoplesGovernor purchased and donated tens of brand new security vehicles a year ago and is doing so again — barely one year later — portraying the governor as wasteful.

It is unfortunate that someone like Mr. John Okoye, considered an intellectual, could be so intellectually lazy as to not even read a common news piece, and worse, spread disinformation and ignorance through the media.

For the benefit of the general public and those who may have been misled, I clarify as follows:

1. The #PeoplesGovernor did not purchase or procure brand new security vehicles for the security agencies.

2. At no point did any state government communication or the governor himself say that the state government procured brand new vehicles. In fact, the governor stated, “We have delivered 11 REFURBISHED Armored Personnel Carriers and 32 operational vehicles to the Nigerian Police Force, Imo State Command.”

3. Rather, the #PeoplesGovernor, being a prudent man who does not encourage waste, rehabilitated old and abandoned security vehicles that were lying idle at various police commands.

4. This decision encourages a maintenance culture among public officials, as broken police vehicles were repaired instead of being abandoned for brand new purchases.

5. The #PeoplesGovernor acknowledged that the vehicles were dilapidated and damaged due to use over time and undertook to repair them so they could be deployed across the state to protect lives and property and fight crime.

6. Just as we take our personal vehicles to the mechanic for repairs, the governor undertook the repairs of broken police vehicles for effective policing.

7. Our governor deserves commendation for being proactive and alive to his executive duties of protecting Imo people’s lives and property, which has made our state relatively peaceful. Any one who has contrary view on this must be viewed and seen as an enemy of the state who is unhappy with the achievements recorded in the security of Imo people in the last few years.

8. Thank you.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

June 19, 2024.

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Provide commercial ranches for herders, farmers tell FG



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_Farmers’ Association Requests Commercial Ranches for Herders_

– _Solution to Farmer-Herder Conflicts_: The Farmers Association in Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to establish commercial ranches for herders as a permanent solution to the recurring farmer-herder conflicts.

– _Private Sector Investment_: The association suggests that the private sector should invest in commercial ranches, which would provide a sustainable solution to the clashes between farmers and herders.

– _Benefits of Ranching_: Ranching would allow for better breeding, feeding, and management of livestock, increasing meat production and reducing the need for open grazing.

– _Reducing Conflicts_: Commercial ranches would help reduce the conflicts between farmers and herders, promote peaceful coexistence, and enhance national food security.

– _Government Support_: The association appeals to the government to provide incentives, such as subsidies and loans, to support the establishment of commercial ranches.

– _Long-term Solution_: The farmers believe that commercial ranches offer a long-term solution to the farmer-herder conflicts, which have led to loss of lives, crops, and livestock.

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